The economic analysis of employment disputes requires careful thinking and objective statistical investigation.  QSS can tackle contentious cases involving substantial statistical modeling and analysis.  We have extensive experience with discrimination, wrongful discharge, and wage and hour litigation, including class actions, in both state and federal court.

Our approach is informed by our background performing high-level empirical research in labor economics and social policy.  Modern labor economics is an extremely well-developed field.  Its empirical findings and insightful theories can help shed light on issues that are critical to employment cases.  Today, the massive volume of detailed labor force statistics means that each angle of the employment experience has been quantified and can be analyzed empirically.

The tools of statistics, such as the evaluation of statistical significance, are commonly utilized in employment litigation, particularly in claims that an individual or group has been treated differently and unfairly, as according to (for instance) the doctrines of disparate treatment and adverse impact.  Our statistical analysis capabilities include significance testing, statistical sampling, survey development, and the gathering and analysis of auxiliary data.